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A Louisville, NE resident contacted Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE for help with their garage door. According to the client, their garage door just stopped working one morning. We dispatched a team right away to take a look. Once on-site, our team found that the torsion spring was damaged and rusty and garage door spring replacement was imminent. The client admitted they had been too busy to keep up with regular maintenance on the garage door. Fortunately, we had a stock of torsion springs on our truck and were able to replace them quickly. The process took a few hours, and after installing the garage door spring and some final safety checks, the garage door was working again perfectly. The client was happy with our response time and booked an appointment for regular maintenance of their garage door.

Routine maintenance is the secret to having a garage door that lasts for years. Garage doors are subjected to frequent abuse throughout their lifetime. Most of the time, this is entirely anticipated and typical. But there are small steps you can take to extend the life of your garage door and prevent needing to repair or replace it too soon.

Tips to Ensure Your Garage Door Is Always in Good Condition

To avoid accidents, disconnect the power and shut the garage door before beginning your work. Make sure your working environment is secure to focus on the task. To prevent anyone from opening the door while you work, close the garage door and unplug the opener from its power supply.

To keep your train tracks in good working order, it is important to regularly clean and lubricate them. It will help to prevent any buildup of debris or grease, which can otherwise impede the smooth movement of the trains along the tracks. Start by removing any surface dirt or grime from the tracks' length on both sides with a cloth or rag before cleaning them. If there is a more substantial buildup on the tracks, you may need to use a commercial degreaser to remove it.

It is important to keep your garage door opener's moving components lubricated properly. Nowadays, you can purchase lubricants especially formulated for garage doors. Be sure to use a lubricant that the manufacturer has approved. You can check the company website or contact the installer if unsure.

Make sure to apply lubricant to the moving parts, including the rollers, tracks, hinges, bushings, springs, and any exposed metal surface, to prevent rust. Remember that too much lubrication can increase the likelihood of a sticky, gunky residue developing, enhancing friction. So it is best to avoid using too much oil.

Think about hiring a professional garage door repair company for routine maintenance. You can do some things to extend the life of your garage door and opener, but it is important to remember that your efforts are no substitute for the expertise of a professional.

Consider a Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Program

If you own a house with a garage, you should consider getting regular inspections and maintenance from a garage door repair company. Many businesses offer maintenance plans that cover one or two years and include upkeep and minor repairs.

Look for service plans that cover the following points:

  • Door balance, door level, door alignment, panel condition, hinge condition, roller condition, and track spacing
  • Opener gears, opener carriage and rail assembly, opener safety reverse block test, bottom weather seal, limit settings, opener belt or chain tension

Garage Door Repair Near Me

An essential component of your house is the garage door—protecting your investment and keeping your family safe. So many things can go wrong if you are not particular about your garage door. When you sign up for a regular maintenance package with Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, you can be confident that your garage door is in good hands. We have more than ten years of experience in the garage door business, so you can rest assured knowing that we know what we are doing. If you are interested in signing up for a garage door maintenance plan, call us today for more information.

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