Garage Door Maintenance Bennet NE

Garage Door Maintenance Bennet NE

Project Description

Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, just finished a thorough garage door maintenance job for a homeowner in Bennet, NE. The client faced several issues that compromised the operation and safety of their garage door. They reported problems with the garage door closing unevenly, leaving gaps at the bottom. It also showed a slow response to controls, which made them worry more. 

Scope of the Garage Door Maintenance

A thorough inspection revealed the scope of this maintenance task.

Identifying the Root Causes

Our team noted down some major issues related to:

  • A broken torsion spring prevented the door from functioning properly and staying balanced.
  • Misaligned sensors made the safety features less reliable, which led to operational flaws.
  • Damaged weather seals allowed drafts and debris into the garage, posing a security risk.
  • Squeaky and slow-moving rollers needed replacement and lubrication for smoother operation.
Garage Door Expert Service Solution 

Our trained experts came up with a plan to get the garage door back to its best. Making sure that every part worked the way it was supposed to.

Replacement of Torsion Spring

To start, we removed the broken torsion spring with absolute care and precision. Then, we installed a new, high-quality spring tailored to the door’s specifications. The durable spring aids the door’s smooth and balanced operation.

Sensor Realignment and Cleaning 

Next, our technicians addressed issues with the safety sensors. We did a thorough cleaning to remove any dirt buildup and check that there were no obstructions that could affect performance. Then, we adjusted the sensors to their correct positions and made sure they were in perfect sync. 

Garage Door Weather Seal Replacement 

To eliminate drafts, we replaced the damaged rubber stripping with new, durable ones. With the new seals in place, we improved the insulation and provided a shield against the weather.

Roller Replacement and Lubrication

To eliminate any slow or sticky movement, we replaced the garage door rollers. Then, for easy opening and closing, we applied lubricant to all the moving garage door parts.

Calibration and Complete Testing

We had to make some changes to the settings on the door opener to match the new torsion spring. These further changes will also ensure the correct and safe operation with the realigned sensors. After the repairs and adjustments, we performed several tests to make sure the door worked as intended. 

Garage Door Final Inspection

Before leaving, our experts did one last check. With this final inspection, we see we resolved all issues and that the door met all safety and performance standards.

Garage Door Maintenance Result

This project restored the garage door’s functionality and safety, and homeowners loved the enhancements. They said they improved operation, insulation, and security. Also, they felt more secure knowing the repairs would last.

Complete Solutions for the Best Garage Door Performance

This maintenance job in Bennet, NE, shows our dedication to fixing all garage door problems to the core. Our team works on everything from mechanical parts to safety sensors to keep the garage door system performing well and safely. Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE is the company you can count on for the best garage door solutions.

Garage Maintenance Near Me

Are you facing any problems with your garage door? Do not let such pesky problems turn into major troubles! At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, we offer detailed garage door maintenance to keep your door operating smoothly and safely. You can trust us to take care of all your garage door needs with expertise and care. Contact us at Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE today, and let us keep your garage door in top condition!

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