Garage Door Spring Columbus NE

Garage Door Spring Columbus NE

Project Description

A homeowner in Columbus, NE, had an unexpected problem early one morning. Their garage door spring had broken, locking their car inside. With the garage door having only one spring, they could not access it. They called Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE for an urgent garage door spring replacement. Our team moved quickly to take action and had everything ready to fix the problem right away.

How We Replaced the Garage Door Spring

Safety Precautions

Before starting the repair, our technicians ensured that the garage door was in a closed position. Then, we disconnected the opener from the power source and warned everyone not to use the door during our repair job.

Spring Selection

To choose the correct type and size of spring, the team carefully looked at the spring system and the door’s size and weight. This step was crucial to make sure that the garage door could work and last a long time.

Securing the Door

To prevent the door from moving during the repair process, our technicians clamped locking pliers onto the track just above one of the rollers. This safety measure is essential to protect both the repair team and the integrity of the garage door system.

Unwinding the Old Spring

The team used winding bars to unwind the tension from the old torsion spring carefully. This step was done with extreme caution to release the spring’s tension, which can be dangerous if not handled properly.

Removing the Old Spring

Once we released the tension, the technicians disconnected the springs from the center bracket, unscrewed the set screws, and slid the spring off the bar.

Installing the New Spring

Then, we installed the new spring onto the torsion bar and connected it to the pulley system. The technicians ensured that the new spring matched the door’s weight and size specifications exactly.

Applying Tension to the New Spring

The team used winding bars to apply the correct amount of tension based on the height of the door. 

Reconnecting and Testing the Door

After the new spring was in place and tensioned correctly, the technicians reconnected the garage door to the opener. Then, we removed the clamps from the tracks. Next, we tested the door manually to ensure a smooth operation.

Final Safety Check and Lubrication

The team performed a final safety check to ensure all components were secure and functioning correctly. We lubricated the springs, rollers, and pulleys to reduce friction and wear, ensuring the longevity of the repair.

Client Walk-Through

Finally, our technicians completed the spring replacement and discussed the scope of our work with the homeowner. We demonstrated the functionality of the repaired door and shared maintenance tips to prevent future issues.

Client Satisfaction and Readiness

Before they knew it, the client’s garage door was functioning smoothly again, allowing them to proceed with their day without further delay. Once again, Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE provided a quick and effective solution. It turned a potential disruption into a minor inconvenience. That showed our commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Near Me

If you are dealing with a tricky garage door torsion spring, Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE has got your back. We are here to offer you professional garage door torsion spring replacement to make sure your door works like a charm again. And we do not just stop there; we also provide top-notch garage door installation and maintenance to keep things running smoothly. At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, we are all about giving you peace of mind and dependable service. Let us take care of your garage door needs—you will be glad you did. Call us today to get a free estimate.

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