New Garage Door Installation Bennington

New Garage Door Installation Bennington

Project Description

In a recent project, we completed a new garage door installation for a newly bought home in Bennington, NE. This client approached us at Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, to update a garage door that reflects modern style and fits well with their home’s exterior. To achieve this look, we proposed the installation of a cutting-edge modern glass garage door. The client opted for a full-view design with large glass panels to let in as much light as possible.

Scope of the New Garage Door Installation

The Challenge

It was a tough job to meet the homeowner’s vision for a garage door to boost the house’s modern look. The old garage doors showed severe signs of wear, like water stains, rust, and fading. With this condition, a repaint can be done, but a new garage door would be a better option. 

Given the low headroom ceiling, the choice of a new opener also needed to meet specific needs for the installation. So, it had to keep the ceiling space clear. The client also requested a quieter garage opener with a backup battery. 

Our Approach

To meet all these demands, our team needed a thoughtful and innovative approach. After an in-depth discussion, the client finally chose a full-view glass garage door. They picked it for its sleek, clean lines and the way it lifts modern home aesthetics. We installed each panel with the utmost care and precision. This modern door, with thick frosted glass, offers a sleek style and a welcoming vibe to suit the client’s unique taste. These doors can last years, thanks to their sturdy, heavy-duty aluminum construction.

For the opener installation, we suggested a wall-mount garage door opener from Chamberlain for several reasons. This jackshaft opener was a perfect choice because of its space-saving benefits. With its ultra-quiet operation, the client can now enjoy a garage space that runs as smoothly as it can be. Plus, with a backup battery, it can open and close with no trouble, even when the power is down. 

To ensure the project met the client’s needs, we also opted for galvanized EZ set torsion springs. This type of garage door spring makes installation and maintenance easy. This choice aligned with the client’s desire for a hassle-free operation.

The Result

Our team wrapped up the project, installing a stylish modern glass garage door for a new resident in Bennington, NE. With a new garage door, we gave the client’s home a fresh, up-to-date appearance. We chose a glass door with large panels that really open up the space and fit the home’s modern vibe. Despite a tricky low ceiling and the client wanting a reliable opener, we installed a compact, ultra-quiet smart opener. Now, they have a strong garage door that looks sleek with frosted glass and is easy to take care of. The homeowner was beyond grateful, loving the new look and how smoothly everything worked.

Expertly Made Garage Doors for Your Home

This project in Bennington, NE, shows Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE’s commitment to delivering custom garage doors. We blend innovative design with practical excellence. We achieved our goal by installing a garage door that meets each of the client’s needs. This garage door is equipped with a smart opener and a torsion spring system. Not only is it efficient and low-maintenance, but it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of this client’s home. 

Garage Door Installation Companies Near Me

Have you ever envisioned a garage door that perfectly matches your home’s style and meets all your functional needs? At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, we specialize in turning those dreams into reality. With our team of experts, we have assisted a lot of homeowners in discovering and installing their perfect garage doors. As a result, their homes have benefited from having a new garage door in terms of both aesthetics and efficiency. If you are ready to see your garage door dreams come to life, talk to our experts today. Call us now to book an appointment, and let us create the perfect entrance to your home together.

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