We were happy to help this homeowner in Hickman, NE, with their garage door maintenance. They called us because their garage door started making unpleasant noises. We quickly diagnosed the cause of the issue: the drive chain on the opener and the rust buildup on the torsion spring. So, we lubricated each component as needed with high-quality silicone lubricant and white lithium grease. Additionally, we adjusted and cleaned the door tracks and checked the alignment of the sensors. After lubricating the garage door rollers and tightening up the bolts and nuts, our next step was to clean the panels thoroughly. The client was delighted by how much their garage door’s appearance and functionality improved after we were finished. They expressed appreciation and said they felt more secure using the garage door.

As homeowners, we rely on our garage doors to function properly when we need them. Therefore, investing in a routine tune-up is a wise decision. By performing regular maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your garage door. Additionally, it will help maintain the validity of your garage door warranty.

Here are Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE‘s simple tips for maintaining your garage door. However, please remember that a professional should always conduct any repairs.

Simple Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Regularly checking your garage door is important to ensure it is in good working order. Keep everything in the garage away from the door and tracks to prevent damage or obstruction. In addition, sweep the area around the garage door to remove any debris that could build up over time. Finally, inspect the tracks, springs, and hinges for wear and tear and lubricate them as needed, and we advise performing it every three to six months. 

Lubrication Instructions for Garage Doors

Door Tracks

It is important to clean the internal sections of the tracks regularly to keep your garage door operating smoothly. It can be done using a cloth dampened with mineral turps or methylated spirits. Polishing the tracks will create a smooth surface resistant to dirt and moisture, making it easier for the door to open and close. 

Note: Do not use grease or oil on the guide tracks. Doing so will make it harder for the rollers to glide, putting more strain on the opener.

Automatic Garage Door Opener

It is important to keep your garage door opener in good working condition to extend its life and keep your warranty valid. If you have a chain drive opener, lubricate the chain using chain lube. For more information, consult the maintenance schedule in your garage door opener’s instruction manual.

Metal Hinges 

Use an all-purpose machine oil or lithium grease sparingly when lubricating garage door hinges.

Garage Door Spring

It is important to keep your garage door springs in good working order. To do this, you should occasionally clean them with an oily rag and apply a silicone-based lubricant or lithium grease.

Note: The spring on your garage door is always under tension. Therefore, you should never adjust it without the help of certified and trained garage door professionals.

Seek Professional Garage Door Service

You may hear a strange grinding noise when the door is opened or closed. Or you may notice that the door sticks or find that it slopes towards the floor. Your garage door opener might have stopped working altogether, and your doors are stuck shut. No matter the issue, do not try to repair it yourself. Garage doors are heavy equipment, and working on them can lead to serious accidents.

Garage Door Service Near Me

Do not wait until your garage door becomes noisy to call for maintenance! Our Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE team can check your garage door for any rust buildup, lubricate hinges and rollers, and ensure your opener is in good working condition. Contact us today to schedule a garage door repair and maintenance appointment.

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