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A homeowner from Seward, NE, needing garage door opener repair called Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE. They noticed the chain on their garage door was drooping and that the opener had been nosier lately. Our service technician was sent right away to check the actual condition of the garage door opener. Upon closer inspection, we found that the chain was indeed loose. If the issue was not addressed sooner, it could have caused the door to close suddenly. We adjusted the chain to the proper tension and tightened the locking nut, resolving the problem in less than half an hour. We also taught the client to lubricate the hardware from time to time. The client was grateful that they had called us to service their garage door opener repair.

Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE normally receives complaints for slack or loose garage door chains. Garage door chains get slack over time due to the motor’s vibrations and the door’s weight. Our professional service technician will adjust your garage door chain during a routine maintenance visit. But if you are handy, you can also do it yourself. Let us guide you through some troubleshooting tips on how to do that.

How to Fix a Garage Door Chain That Is Loose

One of the most frequent problems with garage doors operated by chain drive openers is having a loose garage door chain. It does not matter if your garage door opener is belt- or chain-driven; this can happen anytime. Occasionally, an extremely loose chain would hang a few feet below the garage door opener’s rail. You may even hear more disturbing garage door noises as the chain strikes the door directly. 

Therefore, tightening the chain is a crucial part of routine maintenance. In addition to being noisy, a loose chain makes your opener work harder, decreasing the effectiveness of the entire system. Additionally, it can make your door fall off the track, which is extremely unsafe.

A Guide to Tightening Your Garage Door’s Chain

It only takes a few turns of the right nut to tighten your garage door chain. The one you need is fastened to a bolt that can be found where the trolley or carriage attaches to the rail.

Turn off the Power Source and Disengage the Opener

First, check to see that your garage is locked. After that, turn off the power source. Finally, disconnect the garage door from the opener by pulling down the manual release rope.

Locate the Adjustment Bolt

Using the opener’s user manual, find the adjustment bolt. Ideally, one side would have a bolt. A five to seven-inch threaded fastener with two nuts screwed on is what it is. Each has a locking and adjustment function. A divider separates the locking and adjustment nuts, with the locking nut located closer to the opener.

Loosen the Locking Nut and Tighten the Adjustment Nut

Start by gradually loosening the locking nut with an adjustable or half-inch wrench. The chain tension will then be increased as you tighten the adjusting nut. However, the chain should not be too tight, or it would not bend. A chain runs the danger of breaking if it is overtightened. Usually, you want to tighten the chain just enough to stop it from hitting the garage door. In fact, as a general rule, the chain should be a little loose rather than tight.

Reconnect the Power and Re-Engage the Opener

Reconnect your opener, then re-attach it either by pulling the manual release rope back toward the opener until the trolley snaps into position or by opening your garage door with the wall button, which will trigger the trolley to snap back into place automatically. As you re-engage the opener, the chain may start to sag a little bit. This sagging is usual; the chain will resume tension when the door is opened.

Run a Test

The safety reversal system needs to be checked following any adjustments. To be sure the problem has been fixed, open and close your garage a few times. Then, tighten the adjustment screw more if the chain is still banging against the rail.

Garage Door Repair near Me

Do you need to readjust a loose garage door chain that keeps hitting against a rail? Consider it done! Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE is the most trusted name and well-known in handling garage door opener repair. Residents and business owners in Lincoln, Nebraska, can take advantage of our garage door repair and installation services. We also specialize in maintaining and installing top-of-the-line garage door openers. All of your garage door needs can be addressed by our knowledgeable professionals. So call us today and learn more about our products and services.

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