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Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE received a call from a client in Ralston, NE, asking for overhead garage door repair. Upon hearing the clients' issues with their garage door, we suspected—and were correct—that a damaged bracket was the source of the problem. The same day we scheduled an inspection, we found the door opener reinforcement bracket damaged, causing the railing to bend and the door to be difficult to open and close. After receiving the client's approval, we immediately replaced the damaged bracket and checked the tracks, rollers, and springs. A few hours later, the door was operating smoothly once more. The customer hired our company for routine maintenance since they were so happy with our service and affordable prices.

You can do a few things to reinforce your garage door and prevent damage. One is to use an opener reinforcement bracket to help keep the door in place. It would be best to put horizontal cross braces, or struts, across the door. These will stop the panels from bowing, cracking, or splitting.

What Is an Opener Reinforcement Bracket?

To improve the connection between your garage door and garage door opener, you will need an opener reinforcement bracket (ORB). The ORB is a heavy-duty bracket that helps to distribute the stress of being pulled or pushed by an opener across the entire door panel length. In addition, this bracket helps to reinforce and protect your door from damage. You may prevent your garage door from separating along the top panel by having an ORB fitted.

Regardless of how old or new your door is, an ORB is quick, simple, and affordable to install on a single 8×7 garage door or a sizable 18x8 garage door. Additionally, an ORB will increase the door's durability, performance, and dependability.

Why Should Your Garage Door Be Reinforced?

Your home's garage doors may be more vulnerable than you think. They get much use and have a large surface area, which makes them susceptible to damage. Plus, most people use their garage door as the main entry point to their home, so it gets opened and closed 1,000 times yearly!

Your garage door is one of winter's most vulnerable parts of your home. It can take a beating between the snow, ice, wind, and hail. In addition, the bottom weather seal often freezes to the ground, and the top section can tear apart when you try to open it with the automatic opener. A cost-effective way to prolong the life and performance of your garage door is to reinforce it.

Opener Reinforcement Brackets Installation

Measure the height of the top panel to decide which reinforcing bracket will work best for your application. The measurements will range from 18 to 21 inches. As the reinforcing bracket is meant to span the entire length, order the one that fits the height of your panels.

Steps to Replacing the Opener Reinforcement Bracket

    • Decide if you need a narrow or wide opening bracket. The use of adjustable brackets is strongly advised.
    • Shut off the power to your garage door opener and close the garage door.
    • Remove the pin to detach your operator J arm from the opener bracket.
    • Remove the current strut, center hinge, and bracket (if on the top section)
    • To assemble your opener bracket, match the bolts to the screws. Then use the clevis cotter pins to secure the bracket in place.
    • You will need at least four self-drilling TEK screws to secure the opener bracket to the middle stile.
    • Replace the central hinge over the opener bracket's bottom. Using the same screws, reinstall any struts or punch angles over the opener bracket.
    •  It will help if you use the clevis pin to fasten the opener J arm to the cotter pin.
    • Start your garage door opener by plugging it in.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Titan Garage Door Lincoln NE is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an expert garage door service. With our extensive range of garage door services, including overhead garage door installation, we can ensure that your garage door is always in top condition. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. Call us today for a free consultation.

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