Garage Door Repair Eagle, NE

Garage Door Repair Eagle, NE

Project Description

A customer in Eagle, NE, called Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE with a problem with their garage door. One of the hinges on the side of their door had broken and was no longer holding their roller, rendering the door inoperable. Since they needed a garage door roller hinge replacement as soon as possible, our team quickly sprang into action. Our technician inspected the hinges on their garage door and found that they were all old and corroded. We recommended replacing them all at once to prevent future problems and save on repair costs down the road. The customer was happy with this solution and thanked us for doing an impressive job.

Replacing the Garage Door Rollers and Hinges

Most modern garage doors are made up of four or five panels that cover the entire opening width and are joined by hinges. Each hinge bracket has a mount for a roller that travels in a guide track on either side of the door, raising and lowering the door along the guide tracks. In contrast to the center hinges, a door's top and bottom roller mounts require different replacement procedures.

Replacing the Top Roller

  • Disconnect the electrical cord from the opener.

If the door has an automatic opener, use it to close the garage door. To lift the carriage of the opener, pull up on the door release handle and press the garage door remote control button. Once the carriage has stopped moving, disconnect the electrical cord from the socket that powers the opener.

  • Remove the roller out of the door channel.

Use a socket set to loosen the bolt holding the top roller mount to the door. Slide the retainer bracket with the roller connected from the mount. To detach the roller from the door channel, turn the roller axle inward. Remove the bracket by sliding the roller axle.

  • Install a new roller.

Place a replacement roller inside the bracket. Position the roller at an angle and slide the front edge of the roller into the track. To fasten the roller and bracket to the mount, tighten the nut using a socket set. If necessary, repeat the process using the other top roller.

  • Test out the new roller.

Reconnect the opener to the outlet, then use the remote control to depress the lowering button until the carriage is in contact with the carriage arm of the door. To check how well the new roller works, raise and lower the door.

Replacing the Hinge and Roller

  • Disconnect the cord of the opener.

Close the garage door, then lift the carriage of the electric opener. Cut the line connecting the opener to the outlet.

  • Remove the hinge.

Use the socket set to remove the nuts from the bolts above and below the door hinge. Next, remove the roller from the track by pulling the hinge away from the door and angle the roller's axle.

  • Install a new roller.

Place the roller into the mount of the new hinge. Position the mounting holes on the hinge, then rotate the hinge and roller toward the door while keeping the front edge of the roller in the track. Finally, attach the hinges to the door using a socket to tighten the nuts. Repeat the process for any other hinges that have rollers.

  • Try the new rollers and hinges.

To start, plug the electrical cord into the outlet and press the power button on the remote control. Next, raise and lower the door to check the new hinges and rollers once the carriage has been secured to the carriage arm.

Replacing the Bottom Roller

As the saying goes, the final and last step is always the hardest to take. Although we have given you step-by-step procedures and guidelines, we do not recommend doing the rigorous replacement yourself. Replacing the garage door roller hinge requires different tools, including a socket set, C-clamp, slip-joint pliers, screwdriver, and a hammer. It necessitates some technical skills and patience too. 

Now, even if you have the complete tools and the courage to do the task, hiring a local garage door service provider like Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE is the best option to take. Why? Because we are more equipped and well-trained to handle every installation, maintenance, and repair involving your garage doors. Doing so will save you time and money from costly repairs due to incorrect troubleshooting and prevent possible injuries.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE, we made this exhausting job of garage door roller hinge replacement easier for you. We have all the knowledge required to set up a new garage door or repair an old one. In addition, our reliable garage door service technicians guarantee your satisfaction since we are licensed and insured.

We serve residents and property owners in Lincoln, NE, and surrounding cities, including Bellevue, NE, and Council Bluffs, Iowa. To schedule a garage door installation or garage door repair and receive expert guidance on any questions regarding your garage door system, call us immediately.

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