Garage Door Weatherstripping Replacement Beatrice

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A busy homeowner from Beatrice, NE, called Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE because their garage door seal was no longer protecting the garage from the elements. The seal had been cracking and flaking for some time, and they knew it needed to be replaced before the rainy season arrived. After checking the configuration of the seal at the bottom of their door, we replaced the worn seal with heavy-duty weatherstripping. The homeowner was pleased with the results and said that he would recommend our company to others.

Garage doors are sealed with weatherstripping on four sides and at the top, while a rubber gasket attaches to the door along the bottom edge, and a certain threshold connects to the ground beneath the door. Garage door seals are a popular and necessary part of any home. Not only do they keep moisture and external conditions out, but they also help prevent damage to the garage door itself. In addition, garage doors with seals are less likely to experience paint or finish peeling or chipping due to moisture.

How often does a garage door seal need to be replaced?

The weather seal's lifespan is significantly affected by your location and how often you use your garage door. For example, it may not last very long if it experiences regular crushing for a month. Conversely, the seal's lifespan may be much shorter if it has to cover a significant gap for a month.

A garage door seal may only last a year or two with extreme temperatures and changes in how it is used. However, if your garage door seal is relatively consistent and you keep the temperature indoors relatively stable, it could last much longer. You will know when to change your seal by noticing a few things.

For instance, it is time to replace your garage door seal if it no longer functions as it should. Signs that you may need to replace your seal include gaps in the seal that open and close with ease or a seal that crumbles when touched. However, if your seal is still functional, do not replace it.

How can you keep your garage door seal in good condition?

Garage door maintenance is key to keeping your door seal in top condition so it will last as long as possible. You should clean the door at least twice a year and check for issues early on so they do not become more significant. Regular upkeep ensures that your door lasts long and you do not have to deal with problems later on.

Cleaning the door weatherstrip regularly and rinsing it off removes dust and dirt, which can be abrasive. Dusting it off with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner often gets the job done. When washing your car, why not turn around and spray your door? A little water rinse will not hurt.

It would help to clean your weatherstripping every month to ensure the best performance. Weatherstripping is made of high-quality vinyl. First, clean it with an all-purpose vinyl cleaner. Next, lubricate the weatherstripping after cleaning with a silicone-based lubricant. Mineral oil should always be avoided, as mineral oils attack rubber polymers and decrease flexibility.

In conclusion, cleaning your weatherstripping is a good idea to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. If the weatherstripping ever breaks, whether due to an accident or normal wear and strain over time, contact a professional to fix the door properly.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Do you need a garage door weatherstripping replacement? Titan Garage Door Lincoln NE is always ready to serve. Our technicians have received in-depth training, are completely qualified, and have the experience to perform garage door service. We guarantee your and your family's safety with our top-of-the-line service. In addition, our specialists will inspect your garage door every time it undergoes routine maintenance to ensure that all safety features are in working order. As a result, you can be confident in our commitment to you and your family. Call us now for more information.

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