Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE received a call from a client in Lincoln, NE, who was clueless about what was wrong with their garage door. They often found it struggling to open the door. When our garage door experts arrived, we learned that frequent impacts had extensively damaged one part of the vertical track. It was the same reason the door was out of alignment. There was also rust and corrosion on the mounting brackets that needed treatment. When we looked at the entire garage door track assembly, it could hold up for years in its condition. Still, we advised the owner that replacing the tracks on both sides was more practical to ensure smooth performance. We further explained that replacing them would ensure safety and could save some future repair costs. The client was very satisfied with our garage door repair work and thanked us for being tidy when we left. 

There are a few simple ways to tell whether or not your garage door needs new garage door tracks. One way is to examine the performance of your door. A change in its operation may signal that the tracks are no longer working correctly. You can also look at the tracks themselves and check for any damage or wear and tear. Finally, you can ask a garage door professional for their opinion on whether or not your garage door tracks need replacing.

Common Causes of Garage Door Track Issues

Are your tracks bent or broken? You are not alone. Many homeowners have this problem, but the causes are not always clear. Most likely reasons that could cause your broken garage door tracks are listed below:

Daily Use and Abuse of Garage Doors

Your garage door is subject to a lot of wear and tear from everyday use. That can cause the tracks and other working parts to wear out over time. Daily use will eventually require the occasional clean and tune-up. These include lubricating the garage door tracks, changing old cables, or replacing a worn-out spring. You may view all these as common garage door repairs you can do with some DIY know-how. But the best thing to do is to call a professional repair service.

Unbalanced Garage Doors

A door that is not properly balanced can cause problems. For instance, the extra weight on one track can make the track bend under strain. That can be a serious problem and cause damage to your property. So make sure to call an expert to fix it as soon as possible.

Lack of Lubrication on Garage Door Tracks

Inadequate lubrication on your garage door tracks can cause friction, rubbing, and excessive wear. That can then lead to the tracks bending and becoming damaged. To avoid this, make sure you keep the tracks well-lubricated.

Damage From Collisions or Impacts

Your garage door is susceptible to damage from objects running into it. Heavy objects like vehicles and lawnmowers can ruin any part of your garage door mechanism, including the tracks. Such impact on the tracks can greatly affect the overall performance of your garage door system.

Exposure to Weather and Other Elements

Garage door tracks can become rusted over time from exposure to precipitation, wind, dirt, and cold temperatures. That can cause friction and misalignment of tracks, making it difficult to open and close your door. Moreso, a rusty garage door track can ruin your door and frame—that spells disaster.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

If you need a garage door repair or a garage door installation in Lincoln, Nebraska, then you are in the right place. Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE provides quality garage door products and services for residential and commercial clients. We offer a complete line of high-end garage door openers and other replacement parts. Plus, our garage door repair technicians are licensed and certified to help you resolve any issue with your garage door. We can fix garage door rails, broken cables, springs, and so much more! We likewise provide same-day service since we know how critical it is to have your door fixed when there is an issue. Call us at (402) 576-5771 to book a service appointment or ask for free estimates.

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