When a Lincoln, Nebraska, homeowner’s garage door cable broke, the door started moving unevenly. Worried about their safety, they stopped using it and called Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE for a garage door repair service. Our team arrived quickly, looked at the situation, and found a loose, broken cable that had caused the problem. The techs quickly and expertly replaced both cables to ensure the garage door worked well and to prevent problems in the future. They also did a full inspection to make sure everything was in order. Upon testing the door, the garage door worked perfectly, ensuring no more problems would happen. The homeowner felt relieved and thankful for the reliable garage door repair service. They knew they could count on our experts for anything they needed with their garage door.

Garage doors move up and down with the help of cables. These cables are a key part of the garage door to work in harmony. However, when they get old, things could go wrong. What are the things you should do when these cables break? Why is it a good idea to change both cables to keep things safe and working right? Let us learn the basics of dealing with a broken garage door cable.

What to Do When Garage Door Cables Break

Here is what you should do when your garage door cables break:


Remember, it is best to let professionals handle garage door cable repair. They ensure your safety by fixing problems the right way. 

Why You Need to Replace Both Cables

It is important to change both garage door cables for a few reasons:


To avoid issues down the road, you must change both garage door cables together to keep them working well. It is a smart step that will assure your safety and save you from costly fixes. 

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Are you having trouble with the cables on your garage door? Do not wait until a small problem gets worse. Take action today to ensure your garage door is safe and works well. Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE is the only place to go for top-notch garage door repair and a full range of garage door services. We are garage door pros who can help you with any troubles. So whether you have broken cables or squeaky rollers, we can fix your garage door quickly to work perfectly again. Your garage door’s well-being is just a phone call away! Call us now and see why we are the best in the game.


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