Do you know the importance of garage door spring wires, and how many types are there? Unfortunately, not many people are concerned about this aspect of their garage door, but it is crucial. This post will teach you more about them and how to choose the correct wire for your garage door spring.

Guide to the Different Kinds of Garage Door Spring Wires

Various spring wire types and finishes are available, each with advantages in terms of reliability, durability, and longevity. Three of the most common types are oil-tempered, powder-coated, and galvanized.

Oil-tempered garage door spring wires

Oil-Tempered Garage Door Spring Wires

Oil-tempered wire springs are a common and reliable type of spring known to be strong and resistant to premature wear. These springs can be easily distinguished from other types by their blackish shade. 

Some springs are galvanized or coated to achieve a certain look. However, oil-tempered wire springs remain popular for their tried-and-true performance. They are often used in garage door springs and other mechanical applications.

When it comes to industrial spring applications, durability is often the top priority. However, oil-tempered springs are still the most common type of torsion spring for the following advantages:

Long-Lasting: The durability of oil-tempered springs is the reason many prefer them. In addition, the oil used to lubricate these springs helps maintain their coiling action, which leads to a longer lifespan.

Low Maintenance: Oil-tempered springs are designed to survive garage door spring uses and other mechanical spring issues. They seldom require adjustments, making them a reliable option.

Low Noise:  Oil-tempered springs offer the best performance and longevity and do not squeak. As a result, this is a favored option for those bothered by spring-metal sounds.

Powder-Coated Garage Door Spring Wires

Powder-coated wire springs were designed as an alternative to oil-tempered springs in the late 20th century. Made from torsion spring steel, producing these springs involves coating the wires with paint and sealing the coat with electrical bonding.

Powder-coated torsion springs offer many benefits for both the manufacturer and the user. They are visually appealing and can withstand elements such as weathering and corrosion. Aesthetically, powder-coated springs are often considered more attractive than traditional oil-tempered springs. Again, however, the opinion comes down to the user’s or homeowner’s preference. 

This type of spring wire is an excellent choice for resilience and durability. Powder-coated springs are mostly moisture-resistant, making them less likely to rust. As such, a torsion spring coated with powders can last 10,000 or even 20,000 cycles. These wire springs offer many advantages over oil-tempered or galvanized springs, including a clean and grease-free installation. It can be especially beneficial in aesthetic applications that require a polished look. 

Galvanized Garage Door Spring Wires

Galvanized steel wire springs offer the same benefits as oil-tempered springs but with added protection against rust and moisture. The galvanization process involves dipping the wire in hot zinc, creating a protective layer that helps extend the spring’s life.

A garage door with two galvanized garage door spring wires

Although galvanized wire spring is less common than other types, several advantages make them a good choice for certain applications. For example, its natural steel look can be a good match for modernist home designs. 

Additionally, since it has no oily surface, people concerned about such textures on garage parts may prefer galvanized wire springs. Finally, people who appreciate the appearance of garage door parts that are clean silver often go for galvanized wire springs.

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