Proper garage door alignment is key to home protection and accident prevention. If your door is not properly aligned, it could present a significant hazard to people inside the house. Proper alignment of your garage door is essential for home safety and security. That can help to prevent accidents, break-ins, and more. In this feature, we will discuss the role of garage door alignment in home safety and security. Furthermore, we will provide useful suggestions to ensure your garage door always stays aligned.

Why Is Garage Door Alignment Important?

With life keeping you occupied, gaps or wobbling in the garage doors may appear insignificant. However, these issues can be rather dangerous. Suppose you must leave the house quickly to seek assistance during a medical or family emergency. In that case, a malfunctioning door could prevent your car from exiting. When you are not home, thieves might also take advantage of the garage door stuck open or easy to pry apart. Most alarmingly, a doorway off-track for too long could fall out of its frame and cause serious harm.

A door being checked for garage door alignment

Symptoms of Poor Garage Door Alignment

Uneven door movement

When your garage door is improperly aligned, it can result in erratic movement or shaking when opening and closing. A misaligned garage door needs servicing. If your door is moving unevenly or shaking, contact a professional to inspect and service it. This issue can lead to even more serious problems and costly repairs if ignored.

Loud noises or grinding from the door

A misaligned garage door can cause loud and irritating noises, especially during operation. The jerky movement of the door due to misalignment can lead to friction between the door and the tracks, springs, or other parts of the garage door mechanism. This friction can produce unpleasant sounds like grinding, scraping, or squeaking noises. Moreover, the misalignment can strain the garage door opener, causing it to strain and make loud motor noises. Therefore, it is essential to address any misalignment issues so your garage door operates smoothly and quietly.

The door stops halfway or fails to close fully

Misalignment is one of the most common culprits when a garage door stops halfway or fails to close fully. If the garage door tracks are not properly aligned, the door can become jammed or stuck while opening or closing. That can happen when the rollers come out of the tracks, or the tracks become bent or twisted, preventing the door from moving smoothly. Additionally, misalignment can cause the garage door safety sensors to malfunction, preventing the door from closing entirely. Schedule a garage door tune-up to check the alignment of the garage door to prevent any further issues.

Noticeable gaps between the door and its frame

A clear indication of a misaligned garage door are spaces between a door and its frame. When the gaps become larger, it can cause the door to become unstable. This misalignment can cause the door not to open or close properly, creating a risk for anyone who uses the door. It can also cause the door to break more easily from the added force needed to open or close it. It is important to inspect the door regularly to fix any misalignments as soon as you notice them to prevent further damage or potential injury.

A misaligned garage door

Visual Inspection Checklist: Your Guide to Safety

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