Your garage door tracks see a lot of wear and tear. Over time, they can become bent, damaged, or even broken. So if your garage door is making noise when opening or closing, or it is not functioning properly, it is likely because of an issue with the tracks. Not only does this affect the overall feel of your garage door, but it also increases the chances of your door not operating safely. Here’s a look at some signs you might be dealing with problematic tracks and what you can do about it. 

When Do Your Garage Door Tracks Need Repair?

There is obvious damage in them.

Take action immediately when your garage doors’ tracks are no longer parallel and flat. Neglecting to do so can result in severe injury. Likewise, your garage door can suddenly fall when the tracks become misaligned. You will likely need to replace the tracks when severely twisted, creased, or cracked. However, slightly bent garage door tracks can often be repaired using a claw hammer.

A gap separates them and the rollers.

Areas of damage or wear on the door’s roller tracks can cause the door to jump off. One way to tell that the tracks on your garage door are out of alignment is when the rollers start to rise off the track. Calling a professional to come and handle the problem in this situation would be preferable.

A garage door that moves slowly due to damaged garage door tracks

The garage door opens slowly or with difficulty.

Try lubricating the metal parts when your garage door is not moving as smoothly as it should against the tracks or takes longer to open. It will ensure everything is moving smoothly. However, checking for damage to the cables and pulleys on the garage door should be done next. Undiagnosed damage can put unsupported weight on the tracks and push them out of alignment. When this happens, professional repair is needed.

The garage door failed to open.

To troubleshoot the problem by closing the door and pulling on the emergency release cord to lift it manually. Check whether the garage door’s tracks have become warped and are jamming the rollers, preventing the door from moving.

It is not advised that you attempt to fix this issue yourself, as you could cause more damage to the door mechanism or sustain a serious injury. The best option would be to call a garage door professional to inspect and realign the track system.

The garage door hangs open.

When you cannot get the garage door to close completely or operate as it should, there may be an issue with the tracks. Inspecting them might reveal that some bolts are loose and must be firmly tightened. However, more serious issues may require contacting an experienced technician who can diagnose and address the problem.

A garage door that hangs open due to damaged garage door tracks

The garage door opens and closes with a loud noise.

Something is wrong when you operate your garage door and hear screeching, popping, and shuttering noises. First, look for any debris or sand causing the tracks to become clogged with friction. Once you have checked and everything looks clean, the next step would be to see whether the tracks are misaligned, which would cause the metal to rub on the metal. Stop using your garage door immediately to prevent further damage, and call a professional for help.

A garage door is a complex machine comprising many parts that work together. Springs, sensors, pulleys, and tracks must be in working order for the door to function properly. So, it is best to contact a garage door technician when something goes wrong. They can diagnose and repair the problem before it worsens and affects the whole system.

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