Your garage door is exposed to the elements all year, like the rest of your home’s exterior. Hence, a fresh coat of paint can increase your home’s curb appeal while extending its useful life. Your home’s exterior can look new at a relatively low cost and with very little work by simply painting your old garage door. Additionally, painting is another aspect of garage door maintenance and an ideal way to hide rusted, chipped paint of doors spoiling your home’s curb appeal.

If your garage door needs a paint job, you may be tempted to paint it yourself. While painting a garage door may seem simple, there are many things to consider before selecting the right paint and applying it to a garage door. Thus, it is best to hire a professional like Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE when preparing and painting a garage door instead of doing it yourself.

Painting a Garage Door: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Before painting your garage door, here are a few essential steps to follow for a refreshed look that will last for years:

Picking your garage door paint

Choosing the wrong paint is among the most common mistakes individuals make when a garage door needs to be painted. Vinyl, aluminum, wood, and other materials are used to make garage doors, so it is crucial to get the right exterior paint for the job. Check the brand and label carefully before buying to ensure you get the right garage door paint and primer suitable for the material and the project.

Cleaning the garage door

The exterior of your home and garage door may become particularly unclean if it is next to a busy street. Wash your garage door completely because you do not want the dust to contaminate the fresh paint. All you need for this is a bucket of water and, if you have access to one, a hose. You might wish to rent a power washer if your garage doors are very filthy.

Drying the garage door

Lay down a drop cloth to catch drips after washing the door and before painting to prevent paint from getting on the cement. Use a rag to dry the door and make sure to get into all the crevices. The gaps between the panels will dry more effectively if the door is allowed to air dry completely with the door open. When painting a wooden garage door, inspect the smoothness after drying to see if you need to resand.

Watching the weather

Check the weather before painting. Plan on two to three days with moderate temperatures, no rain, and low humidity. It would be best to refer to the paint’s label for details regarding the appropriate painting environment. Remember that flat surfaces, particularly metal ones like garage doors, will frequently be hotter than the ambient temperature.

Taping off the door

Tape off the area around the door after it has dried completely. That includes any hardware, trim, windows, gaskets, or anything you do not want to be painted. Set out a drop cloth to prevent messy drops on the concrete.

You must outline your workspace if your garage door has any design to keep the painting even and prevent paint from bleeding. For example, if you are painting a portion of the garage with two different colors, you need to do this around the margins of the garage door frame. This time, a painter’s tape will come in handy since it is inexpensive and convenient.

Following safety precautions

You should always wear a mask rated for fumes when you use paint and painting supplies like brush cleaning solutions, solvents, and other chemicals. Additionally, eye protection should be worn when painting, especially when painting surfaces above eye level, as well as when sanding or chipping off old paint.

Garage Door Maintenance near Me

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