Are you looking to replace your garage door or give it a fresh coat of paint? Choosing the perfect color for your garage door is a challenging process in both cases. First, you must consider your home’s theme and whether the color matches the exterior and other interior accents. 

If you intend to paint it, you must fully understand the project before beginning, particularly the garage door’s condition. Given all this, choosing the perfect color for your garage door may be challenging but worthwhile.

How to Pick the Right Color for Your Garage Door?

The best way to have the best garage door color for your house is to use three colors. Our experts recommend using the primary color, the trim color, and the accent color. Use the primary color on most of the surface area. At the same time, the trim colors are perfect on details like door frames and awnings. Meanwhile, use accent colors to contrast things like doors and shutters. 

When deciding what color to paint your garage door, consider whether you want it to match the trim or the house’s primary color. For example, if your garage door is close to the front of your home, you may want to use a lighter field hue with a darker trim hue to stand out less. On the other hand, if you want to be more creative with your accent color, make sure it does not clash with the other two colors and throw off balance.

If you are trying to choose a garage door color, the general rule of thumb is to either pick a shade that matches the dominant color of your home or go with white. A garage door that matches your house’s color can complement the former and draw attention to other aspects of your home’s design. You do not want your garage door to be a standout feature but rather something that adds to the overall look of your house.

Three Fundamental Color Schemes

Suppose you are thinking about repainting your entire house but do not know where to start with the color. Or perhaps your home has bright accent colors; how do you know what color to choose for your garage door if you do not want colors to clash?

Understand How Colors Work Together

Monochromatic: A color scheme consisting solely of different shades of one color is called monochromatic. It is a color scheme that can be made up of any color. For example, you could paint your door, trim, and house a light blue, with accents in an even softer shade of blue. It would create a cohesive look while being easy on the eyes. However, monochromatic color schemes lack contrast and can appear dim compared to other color schemes.

Analogous: A color scheme is created using hues next to each other on the color wheel. For example, a green, yellow-green, and yellow color scheme would be analogous. This color scheme is simple to use and creates a broad palette; however, it can lack contrast. Too many similar color tones can make the visual flow appear disturbed.

Complementary: Hues complementary to one another can be found on opposite ends of the color wheel. These hues usually have intense colors, so you might not see them used often on garage doors. A few examples of complementary colors include red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple.

If you want to make a statement with your garage door, consider choosing a color that will complement your home’s exterior. For example, a purple door may not be something many people are looking for, but an orange door would look great on a light blue house or a green door on a red home.
Choosing the appropriate color for your garage door might be challenging, but it can be satisfying if you find the right combination for your home’s style. You can get excellent guidance on what color is appropriate for your garage door by speaking with a garage door expert like Titan Garage Doors Lincoln NE.

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