The typical overhead garage door weighs between 130 and 400 pounds, and much of the door’s safety features are governed by one crucial component—the garage door opener. All residential garage door openers in the US must have safety features that prevent the door from coming down unexpectedly and injuring someone. If federal organizations recognize the importance of a fully functional garage door opener, should not you? To help you ensure your garage door opener is in working condition, let us go through the safety features of a garage door opener and the potential hazards of having a broken one.

Auto-Reverse System

Entrapment protection has been required by federal legislation on garage doors since 1992. Nowadays, the auto-reverse mechanism is most commonly used to provide this safety. This mechanism uses beam sensors built into the garage door to detect any obstruction in the door’s path. If the sensors detect an obstacle, the mechanism will automatically reverse the motion of a closing garage door within two seconds.

Time Reversed System

This is a backup to the two-second auto-reverse system. When the door does not completely close within 30 seconds, the mechanism will assume that someone or something was stuck underneath the door and reopen the closing door.

Force Settings

Brands, such as the LiftMaster garage door opener, have settings to set the force required for opening and closing doors. When the door comes into contact with a person or an object and detects a certain resistance level, the mechanism will kick in and lift the garage door to the open position as soon as it touches the person or object.

Automatic Lighting System

When the garage door is activated, the two light bulbs automatically turn on for four to five minutes when a car or someone passes within the path of the motion detection sensors mounted in the entryway.

Manual Emergency Release

This is the red handle that hangs from the center track. It is a way to disconnect the door from the garage door opener in case someone or something gets trapped under the door. It allows the garage door to be opened or closed manually for emergencies or maintenance.

The risks of a faulty garage door opener

A faulty garage door opener is a serious safety hazard for you and your household. The following are the risks associated with malfunctioning opener safety features:

On top of safety concerns, a faulty garage door opener also poses security risks for your property. A garage opener with a locking safety feature allows you to disable the code put into your remote control and keep your home safe. For added security, new rolling code technology enables garage openers to constantly change codes, ensuring that the code in your remote is different every time you use it. If these opener security features are not working, you risk intruders gaining access to your garage door.

When you have such a piece of massive equipment moving up and down over your garage entry, you cannot ignore the importance of a fully functional garage door opener. At Titan Garage Doors Lincoln, NE, we provide garage door opener installation and garage door opener repair to help you avoid a potentially dangerous issue. We proudly serve the greater Omaha area and surrounding locations, including Lincoln, Papillion, and Bellevue, NE, and Council Bluffs, Iowa. Call us at (402) 576-5771 to request free estimates on our garage doors Omaha services.